Caroline & MatthiasBIG DAY, BIG LOVE, BIG PARTY - Beautiful Wedding in Var

That’s it, the holidays are over, but the summer heat is still in Marseille. Today, it is even warmer because after 15 years of love C & M will say YES! Architects of profession and passion, sparkling and full of humor, they celebrate this first stage on the roof of the Rowing Club. And this is only the beginning of a long festive weekend that will continue in the heart of Provence.

It’s Saturday, the long-awaited Big Day, and the preparations take place in complete peace, not even a grab of stress. When the bride enters the village, everyone has eyes only for her. Caroline is beautiful in her white dress and illuminates the small church of Castellet. Their YES sounds for the second time! At the exit of the church, the ball of the photographers begins, I hear clicks ‘clic’ on each side. But I have the privilege of going for a walk only all three for their love meeting in the fields of cypresses and olive trees. At the Domaine Souviou, the bride and groom have prepared with their artistic touch a beautiful decoration: table plan “world map”, flower pots, gifts of guests, printed cushions … The mistral begins slowly to blow but no one is disturbed, The evening is magical, there is no word to describe the atmosphere that prevails, just the photographs …

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