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Julie & AlbanLOVE ME TENDER - Wedding in Magic Cove on Corsica

As I promised you, we are again with Julie and Alban two weeks later, in South of Corsica, to celebrate their promises of love in the Magic Bay.

A day befor Julie preapred the flowers with her frinds and Alban went with guys to the bar to watch and support French football team, because today they played against at Euro 2016 and wons of course. So something for her, and something for him.

Finally the D-day, so much awaited. From the morning we felt a sea breeze, and along with it, a relax and a complicity. All their friends was already here. Julia was preparing herself with her daughter, and Alban himself with his son, and then they met all together in the Magic Bay, in the very south of Corsica, from which we saw already the Sardinia. This time, their pledge of love was written down and closed in a wooden box with a bottle of wine. To open it in 10 years in the same company and in the same place, and to do a toast againt. Their first dance, on the beach, in the sand, in the best friends is the moment that all of us, will stay in our memory forever! Love and joy exploded and radiated on all invited to the end of this special day, and even longer …

Even though it was the end of this crazy weekend, we were all in paradise …

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