It is difficult for a photographer to write something about himself as he simply presents his images.To begin, I may just tell you where I am from, why photography, and why ‘bodart * studio’. I was born in Poland, I grew up with albums of family photos, I was in high school when I received my first camera 6×6 ‘Start’, and that’s the beginning of my passion that developed and pushed me to study photography. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan / Poland – Master of Photography. To complete my training, I lived in Scotland three years and studied graphic design. But I sorely lacked light… So direction to the south, Provence, France, the Mecca of Photography!Why ‘bodart * studio’? It’s simple. Everyone calls me ‘boda’, I am Artur Loboda, so anagram loBODARTur, and then ‘boda” means marriage in Spanish, so it became an evidence, didn’t it?Live together is an important step for me, I do believe that Love gives energy to exist. A wedding day is the beginning of a story, your story, a story I can retell for you.

I try to photograph what is invisible yet important, THE moment between moments.



Thank you for arriving here! Is that because you may be interested to share, with me your beautiful emotions …

All images from the first, to the last, are important. So there is no images limit in my photo reports. I will prepare a neat job of post-processing, high resolution retouched and delivered on digital media selection, a web gallery with private access.
Photography is also a material that we want to touch, manage, keep in a beautiful book … one glance is enough to remember. I offer you on ‘extras’ quality albums and original prints.

I photograph your moments of life:

∗ A long day of Love: WEDDING


∗ Complicity Moments: FAMILY / CHILDREN

∗ A sweet moment of waiting: MATERNITY

∗ Timeless mirror: PORTRAITS

∗ The daily life: LIFESTYLE

Every event, every whim, every query is different and unique. I invite you to ‘contact me‘ to define your project and check my availability.

I live in Marseille but all destinations are possible : PROVENCE, FRANCE, EUROPE and WORLDWIDE!

See you soon!

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