Julie & AlbanFALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU - Chic Wedding in Aix-en-Provence

From the first moment when I met Julie and Alban, I knewed that it would be an unconventional wedding. Julie is the designer and has Image consulting agency, and Alban works in the fashion world and is “the soul of the party”. The first part of their wedding was in their friend’s house in Aix-en-Provence. Julia cares for everything to look good, and Alban to make everyone happy. When he sang to her “falling in love with you” and her dress swirled in the light of tinsel (garland). I honestly lack words to describe what happened there, please check by yourself. Even nature has confirmed the beauty of this wonderful wedding. At the end of the evening, just after the wedding cake, he began to rain, as you know the french proverb says “rainy wedding, happy wedding” and it means that their love will stay forever. And to confirm this, two weeks later we went to Corsica to celrabrate their love again, and again…

After the rain, the sun rise, and with it all those who are hungry, luckily a pizza van arrived ! See you soon !

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